Whatsapp down: Users complain as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram experience down time


Wia dis foto come from, PA Media

Social networks Facebook and Instagram, as well as messaging service WhatsApp, no dey available for some hours on Friday.

Many users of di apps bin report say e no dey work all around di world.

Di three apps all of which na part of Facebook company, and dey share common technology - bin stop to dey work on Friday evening for Nigeria and for afternoon for oda parts of d world.

Pipo wey dey use am bin see error alerts wen dem open di app and notice say dem no fit send or receive messages.

Facebook official "platform status" page, wey dey always track problems for developers, tok say di platform dey "healthy" and dem no get any wahala.

Users enta Twitter to experience dia frustration as dem no fit connect wit dia loved ones and colleagues plus dey sabi all di things wey dey happun around di world.

Some even joke about how pipo go dey rush Twitter now wen di social media apps don go down.

Wia dis foto come from, TWEEP

Wia dis foto come from, TWEEP

However, di apps don come up again and don begin dey work.