Killing of officer for Anambra: Di armed men plenty pass us and dem shoot for more dan ten minutes - Official

Gunmen attack prison for Anambra state

Wia dis foto come from, FIFALIANA RAKOTOARISON

Di Nigerian Correction Service tok say di gunmen wey attack dem for Nanka, Ekwulobia for Anambra State plenty well well and dem carry better weapons, Francis Ekezie tell BBC.

Dis one follow for di plenty attacks wey don happun for South East Nigeria in recent times - most of di attacks before now na against police and military officers.

DSC Ekezie, di Public Relations Officer of NCS for Anambra State for di statement wey im send to BBC tok sey di gunmen follow dia escort vehicle wey carry one suspect from court before di attack happen.

E tok sey dem overpower di Police officer wey follow di bus afta di officer engage di gunmen for shoot out wey last about 10 minutes.

Di Awka correctional service PRO also say dem never know why di gunmen attack dem.


"At about 11:36 today March, 2021 gunmen wey we never sabi attack di Court duty vehicle of di Nigerian Correctional Service, Anambra State for Nanka when dem dey carry prisoners from court go back di Aguata Custodial Centre. Di attacker kill di Correction officer and den carry the prisoner colour.

"Di attackers dem carry two Siena vehicles and dem bin dey follow the Correction pick-up bus from court before dem start dia shooting with our armed escort wey last for about 10minutes. Although di armed escort try im best but unfortunately im no fit overpower di hoodlums because dem plenty well well and dem carry beta weapons.

"Meanwhile, we don deposit di bodi of di officer wey die and dat of di female personnel for mortuary and we we dey wait for oda tins to do.

"Di State Controller, Nwakeze Emmanuel express deep shock over di incident, and im don advice di public and officers and men of di Command to calm down and cooperate with oda security agencies wey dey investigate the matter."

Di Anambra State Police Command tok-tok pesin, Ikenganyia Tochukwu wey also confam di incident, tok say: "Yes I fit confirm say di incident happun. E happun around 3:30 today (Friday). Police repel di attack, our officers chase di hoodlums away. we still dey collect more info about am and go brief una later".