Tanzania President: Mourners line Tanzania streets for ex-President John Pombe Magufuli funeral

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Mourners gathered in Dar es Salaam as President Magufuli's body was transported to lie in state

Mourners line di streets of Tanzania commercial capital Dar es Salaam to pay their last respect to former-President John Magufuli.

Im successor Samia Suluhu Hassan lead di procession, with di coffin draped in di national flag wey dem carry go di Uhuru Stadium to lie in state.

Opposition politicians say Magufuli, 61, bin contract Covid-19, but dis no dey confirmed.

Im bin no believe in Covid and at times deny say di virus affect Tanzania.

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President Magufuli coffin been dey in procession through di streets of Dar es Salaam

Magufuli was di son of peasant farmer and e go on to become Tanzania president for 2015.

Some residents cry and throw flowers on di coffin wey military vehicle carry on Saturday.

President Samia, who dem swear-in into office on Friday, lead di government procession wey many wear black or green and yellow to represent di colours of di ruling party.

She be Africa only current female national leader - di Ethiopian presidency na largely ceremonial role - and she joinshort list of women on di continent wey don run their countries.

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Mourners cry for di state funeral procession of Magufuli

Di government announce on Wednesday say Magufuli die from heart condition afta im bin dey missing from public for several weeks.

Im position on coronavirus range from stating say e no exist for Tanzania to wen im tok say di kontri don beat di pandemic through prayer.

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President Samia Suluhu Hassan lead di procession of mourners on Saturday

But for February, after a number of senior politicians die from di virus, im concede e dey circulate for Tanzania.

Known as di "bulldozer", before di pandemic pipo bin praise Magufuli for e no-nonsense approach and hail am for e anti-corruption stance and how e no like to dey waste money.

On Friday President Samia speak of di "heavy load" on her shoulders and urge for pipo to "bury dia differences" and unite during di mourning period.