Android apps crashing Google fix: How to fix crash of android Google mobile app

"Android apps crashing Google fix"

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Google don fix di problem wey cause Android mobile app to crash for plenti mobile phone users dem.

Di issue bin start on Monday and e affect apps like Gmail, Facebook and Amazon.

E be like say na one update for di Android System WebView, wey dey allow Android apps to dey show wetin suppose dey website, cause di whole kasala.

Na Google tok-tok pesin tell BBC say, "We don solve di issue wey bin dey for WebView wey cause some apps to crash for some Android users. Na to just update Android System WebView and Google Chrome go fix di problem"

See how to fix crash of Google android mobile App for your phone

  • Enta di Google Play Store app
  • Look for Android System WebView
  • Press di "Update" option
  • Come do di same tin for Google Chrome

Social media bin do fill up with di tori of how di apps dey crash and DownDectector, wey be website wey dey monitor outage, show say di wahala bin increase wella for Gmail and Amazon.

Android WebView na system component wey dem install from factory for all Android devices.

Dis na di second time google system dey crash in a space of three months

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For December 2020, Google applications including YouTube, email and Docs bin suffer service outage and users dey unable to access many of di company services.

Di outage bin start small time before noon UK time on 14 December, 2020, e last more dan half an hour before dem restore am.

Users around di world report problems with Gmail, Google Drive, di Android Play Store, Maps, and more.