Lil Nas x net worth: Wetin make Montero Lamar Hill alias Lil Nas X one of di biggest names for music?

Lil Nas X

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Lil Nas X, wey im real name na Montero Lamar Hill, don enta news recently as im cause religious kasala with im recent music video for Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

Di video bin feature plenti biblical tori and kasala bin dey wen im decide to go hell fire tiff Satan crown.

Lil Nas X reveal say di video na for im 14 year old self, wey im bin promise say im no go be dat kain of gay.

To add more fire enta di mata, im come release wetin im call Satan shoes wey im bin promise say get 'drop of human blood' inside.

Who Be Lil Nas X?

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Lil Nas X dey well known for im artistic music video

Lil Nas X wey im real name na Montero Lamar Hill enta inside the music business for 2019 with im smash hit "Old Town Road".

Tori be say di 21 year old bin dey put di music for di back of im popular memes and na wetin make am go viral.

Di song and di growth of di song shake plenti tins for di music industry as pipo no gree accept am as country music and well as marketing for new music.

Since dat time im don release plenti gbedu wey dey bust brain wey include Panini, Holiday and Rodeo.

Im face a lot of clap back wen im reveal come out as gay on di last day for Pride Month for June, 2019.

For 2020, Lil Nas X collect two Grammy awards for Music Video and Pop Duo/Group Performance for di remix of im Old Town Road song wey im do with Billy Ray Cyrus. Im also gbab four Billboards awards afta dem bin bounce im Old Town Road from di Country category.

E dey very popular for im highly artistic videos wey im bin rock for Holiday and Panini.

How much be Lil Nas X net worth?

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Lil Nas X sell out di $1,018 shoe in less than one minute

According to Forbes, by 2020. Lil Nas X bin make up to 14 million dollars before tax afta im gbab major recording deal with Columbia Records as im Old Town road bin stream pass 1.8 million for America alone.

Dis no go include im Limited Satan shoes wey sell out in under one minute as well as di almost 10 million streams wey im don receive on top im new hit single Montero.

And according to im social media, im still get two singles wey im dey drop dis year wey include Scoop and Industry Baby.