CCT Chairman alleged assault update: Danladi Umar, Code of Conduct Tribunal chairman viral video reaction

"CCT Chairman assault update": [Danladi Umar, Code of Conduct Tribunal chairman]

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Danladi Umar, di chairman of di Code of Conduct Tribunal [CCT], wey show for one video wia e appear to allegedly physically assault security man for one shopping mall inside Nigeria capital city say di man bin threaten am.

Di CCT Chairman bin dey inside Banex Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja for di viral video wey show as di katakata bin happun.

Reacting to di video for statement on Tuesday, Ibraheem Al-Hassan, CCT toktok pesin say di security man bin dey rude and e bin threaten oga Umar.

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Tori be say gbege start wit quarrel and argument between Danladi Umar and di guard over parking space inside di Banex Plaza premises on Monday.

Di CCT Chairman bin arrive di premises at about noon on Monday for phone repair.

On getting to di premises, im driver bin park for one open space, but di guard wey see dem from a distance insist say dem no go park dia.

Di CCT chairman insist say im no go pull out of di parking lot.

Narrating wetin bin happun, Al-Hassan say di kwanta alias altercations start as di security personnel no fit give reasonable explanation why oga Umar no fit park inside di empty space.

He say although di tribunal chairman no identify himself, "di boy bin dey rude for im approach and threaten to deal wit di chairman if he refuse to leave di place."

"Again, if di chairman bin go dia to cause trouble or intimidate someone, as suggested, he for go dia as big man concern with im full official escort alias paraphernalia. But he go dia alone with his younger brother," di statement add.

"Di policemen wey dem see inside di video clip no be di chairman police team. Dem be di policemen operating around di plaza, wey at first instance intervene before di arrival of di police team from Maitama police station."

Di CCT Chairman tok tok pesin explain further say, a group of pipo inside di plaza start to throw sharp objects at oga Umar car, "wey lead to a deep cut and dislocation in one of im fingers, causing damage to him car and smashing im windscreen".

BBC Pidgin tori pesin no dey Banex Plaza, Abuja wen CCT di katakata bin happun.

Eyewitness wey see wetin happun say dem no believe dia eyes wen dem see say na one big oga dey involved.

Di management of Banex Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja dey silent on di mata.

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Banex Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja na very popular shopping mall inside di Nigeria capital city Abuja

Danladi Umar na Nigerian judge from Bauchi State in North Central Nigeria.

Before becoming Chairman of di Code Of Conduct Tribunal of Nigeria, im be lawyer and a Chief Magistrate in Bauchi State.

As head of di Code Of Conduct Tribunal Danladi Umar na im dey in charge of di trial of public office holders property alias asset declaration.