Niger coup update: Gunfire near presidential palace Naimey as soldiers attempt coup

"Niger coup update": [Gunfire near presidential palace Naimey as soldiers attempt coup]

Wia dis foto come from, Presidence du Niger

Niger authorities don arrest soldiers wey get hand for di attempted coup wey happun for di kontri Presidential Palace on Wednesday morning.

Dis Niger coup attempt dey happun less dan two days to di inauguration of im new president Mohamed Bazoum.

Di presidential guards bin block di attempted coup wey one army captain lead for early hours of today but tensions still high for di kontri capital Niamey.

Tori be say heavy shooting happun for di Presidential Palace for area wia president office and house na im wake pipo up around 3am and e last for 15 minutes before e stop.

Although dem neva release any official statement, security sources wey confam di attempted coup to BBC say dem don arrest di soldiers wey get hand for di mata.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

Niger new leader Mohamed Bazoum, don promise to fight insecurity and order army reinforcements for di southwestern region.

Since President Bazoum win election for February, attacks from armed militant groups don increase and political tensions dey high.

Im challenger, former President Mahamane Osumane, wey loss for di runoff election bin reject di results.

Authorities bin ban opposition groups plan to enta road on Wednesday do i-no-go-gree.

Niger wey be one of di poorest kontri for world, don get long history of military coup and increasing deadly attacks from jihadist groups.