45 Office of Donald Trump: How many law suits Trump go face now wey im no be US president

"45 Office of Donald Trump:"

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis na di first time wey president go gone on trial afta e leave office.

Di highest court for New York don clear way for one former "Apprentice" contestant to cari go for her case wit di former United States President Donald Trump.

Wit di court decision, "Apprentice" contestant Summer Zervos lawyers fit question oga Trump under oath.

Wen oga Trump bin dey office as president, im lawyers bin dey argue say stae-court cases against di president must to dey on hold or make dem dismiss dem.

But now Trump don leave office and na so lawsuits against am just dey fly upanda.

About fourteen different cases against Trump, im family and business dey court.

Here na some of di major criminal and civil cases against di former US presido and more cases fit still follow:

While some of di cases dey connected to some business deals wey im bin do before im become president, odas na defamation accuse from women wey im allegedly assault.

Summer Zervos defamation

For 2017, Summer cari Trump go court for defamation of character case afta oga Trump tok say she lie wen she say im grab and kiss her some years back.

According to Summer, some weeks before di 2016 election, she tok say for 2007 oga Trump grab and kiss her wit out her permission.

Jean Carroll defamation claim

Jean Carroll dey cari Trump go court for defamation accuse afta di former presido accuse her for public say she she lie say im rape her.

Di two parties case dey before di Second Circuit wia oga trump dey argue say im get official immunity from Carroll defamation claim under di Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

Mary Trump fraud case

Mary Trump wey be Donald trump sister dey sue am on top accuse say im defraud am of millions from her inheritance.

Di case dey pending for New York state court wia di two dey battle ova Trump attempt to dismiss di case.

Panama hotel fraud and tax case

Ithaca Capital dey sue Trump hotel management company for fraud for federal court.

Itaca Capital say Trump group lie plus ova increase di value of di hotel wen dem bin dey negotiate to buy am.

Doe vs Trump Corporation class action

One group of anonymous pipo gada demsef cari Trump family and business go court for class action wey claim say dem use dia brand take scam investors to pay for useless business opportunities.

Trump bin wan force di case enta arbitration - dat na private settlement - but district cour deny am.

Now di Trump family cari di case go court of appeal.

DC AG incitement criminal investigation

Di Washington DC attorney general, Karl Racine, don announce criminal investigation against Trump for di role im play for di January 6 riots.

Trump bin give speech to thousands of im supporters wey gada on January 6 for Washington to "save America" before di mob violently attack di heart of US goment di Capitol.

At least five pipo die for di assault wey occur for Trump final attempt to continue second term for office even though in lose for di elections.

Den neva file any charge, but tori be say oga Racine office dey look into local DC code wey go make am misdemeanour to incite violence.

Fulton County, Georgia criminal election influence investigate

Di Fulton county DA Office don open criminal investigate against Trump

for attempting to interfere for election.

Di DA Office don request make dem preserve all emails - official and unofficial - wey concern di election.

E also plan to torchlight di call between Senator Lindsey Graham and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as part of di investigate, including Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani statement to Gerogia officials.