US Capitol lockdown: Police officer die afta car run enta Capitol complex

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Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

One police officer don die and anoda injure afta one car run enta di US Capitol complex.

Di vehicle crash enta security fence before di driver jump towards di officers with knife, police tok.

Di officers come open fire and dem come shoot di suspect, wey dem never identify dead.

Inside press conference on Friday, di acting chief of police for Washington DC say di attack no appear to be related to terrorism.

"Na with a very, very heavy heart I announce one of our officers die from im injuries," Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman tok for di conference.

Di exact circumstances of di officer death no dey clear yet.

"Whether di attack dey against law enforcement, or whoever, we get responsibility to get to di bottom of it and we go do that," Robert Contee, di acting chief of di city Metropolitan Police Department, tok.

Dem don increase security presence around di Capitol building, wia di US Congress dey sit, and some police cars surround di area.

Di US Capitol building dey on lockdown afta one vehicle run into di security barriers wey surround di complex, according to police.

The Capitol and surrounding streets for Washington DC dey in lockdown afta police warn of "external security threat".

Footage of di scene bin show as helicopter dey fly overhead wetin look like two pipo ontop stretchers as dem move dem into ambulances.

Congress currently dey in recess, meaning say di majority of lawmakers no dey the Capitol today.

President Biden comot Washington earlier in di day for Camp David, di presidential retreat for Maryland. Some reporters, maintenance workers and Capitol Hill employees likely still dey for the Capitol.

Di incident dey come nearly three months afta di deadly 6 January riot for the Capitol.