Satan Shoes: Lil Nas X 'Satan Shoes' buyers tok why dem buy as Nike and MSCHF settle lawsuit over trademark palava

MSCHF shoes

Wia dis foto come from, MSCHF

Some of di pipo wey buy di American rapper, Lil Nas X controversial pair of 'Satan Shoes' wey get a drop of real human blood for di soles don tok why dem buy am.

Lil Nas X bin launch im latest music video last month, as im also release 666 pairs of di black and red shoes in association wit di Brooklyn art collective MSCHF brand.

Inside di music video, di rapper wear di shoe, dey slide down stripper pole from heaven to hell.

Di shoe mata bin cause gbas-gbos between Nike and di Brooklyn art collective MSCHF brand wey produce am.

Nike claim trademark infringement as di di $1,018 (£740) trainers, wey dem design wit inverted cross, pentagram plus bible scripture "Luke 10:18" on top be like di modified Nike Air Max 97s.

Nike sue MSCHF last week claim say di "Satan Shoes [go] likely cause confusion and create association wey we no want"

Dem later agree to settle di lawsuit, as court order di collective MSCHF to offer full refunds to customers in order to remove di shoes from circulation.

MSCHF bin sell di 666 pairs of shoes in less dan one minute afta di release.

Di company go need reach out to di buyers to ask for voluntary return and dem go refund dem.

Wia dis foto come from, MSCHF

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lil Nas X and MSCHF' Satan Shoes dey sold out in less dan one minute

Who be di pipo wey buy di shoes and wetin dem tok?

BBC follow two pipo tok on why dem buy di controversial and expensive shoes.

McKenzi Norris tok say; "I buy di shoe because I sabi say to resell di shoe, di value on am go dey very high because of di popularity and di controversy wey follow."

Oga McKenzi tok say in di past, im don always tink how e go be to dey collect sneakers for keep

"E dey a little bit weird but I be fan of mischief". E tok.

Wia dis foto come from, MSCHF

Anoda buyer, Joseph Rasch say im be member of di LGBTQ community and na one of di reason im buy di shoe be dat.

"I be Atheist and member of di LGBTQ community, sake of dis two reasons alone, I wan support a black gay man who dey try show a different narrative in a majority Christian kontri.

Currently, Lil Nas dey deal wit a lot of issues wit black pipo".

Oga McKenzi tok about di lawsuit wey Nike bin sama MSCHF for di collection say e go crush a lot of artist expression.

Di shoes make reference to di Bible verse Luke 10:18 - "So e tell dem, 'I see Satan dey fall like lightning from heaven'."