Lady Gaga tok about her 'psychotic break', pregnancy from rape at di age of 19

  • By Mark Savage
  • BBC music reporter
Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga say she bin still dey suffer from di effects of her assault wen she win Oscar for A Star Is Born in 2019

Lady Gaga don reveal say she suffer breakdown because of one sexual assault wey cause her to carry belle.

Di star bin dey 19 years old wen one male music producer rape her, after e threaten to burn her music if she no comot her clothes.

She allege say di rapist later "carri me put for one corner with di belle...because I dey vomit and no feel well".

Years later, she confess say di gbege cause her to get "total psychotic break" and she bin dey "ultra state of paranoia".

Gaga, wey her real name na Germanotta, bin dey tok on di first episode of Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry new Apple TV+ series, The Me You Can't See, di series wey go torchlight mental health stigma.

She start to cry wen she dey tok about di assault, wey happun in di early days of her career for music industry.

"I bin dey 19 years old, and I dey work inside di industry, and one producer tell me, 'Comot your clothe,'" she tok. "I tell am no and I go, and afta dem say dem go burn all of my music.

"Dem continue to ask me, and I just freeze and I... I no even remember."

Di singer wey be 35 years old now say she never go name di pesin wey attack her.

"I understand dis #MeToo movement, I understand say some pipo feel really comfortable with dis, but no be me," she kontinu. "I no wan ever face dat pesin again."

Gaga first discuss her rape for 2014, and even tok about am inside songs like Swine and 'Til It Happens To You.

But she say di tin really come affect her years later - even till di time wen she collect her Oscar for A Star Is Born for 2019.

Dis breakdown start wen dem admit her to hospital for acute pain and numbness, and she come surprise when dem say she need to see psychiatrist.

"Because of di abuse wey I face, and say dem lock me inside studio for months."

Di star say di whole tin change her and e no go ever leave her

E take her two and a half years to recover, she tok, but "na just one small tin" fit bring back all di feelings of physical and emotional pain.

But she come say afta all dis years, she don "sabi how to rise above her condition."