Nanjing: New virus outbreak worst since Wuhan, Chinese state media tok

Officials don begin citywide testing in Nanjing

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One Covid outbreak wey dem first discover for di Chinese city of Nanjing don spread to five provinces and Beijing, state media call am di most extensive contagion after Wuhan.

Almost 200 pipo don dey infected since dem first detect di virus for di city busy airport on 20 July.

According to local media, all flights from Nanjing airport go dey suspended until 11 August.

Officials also begin city-wide testing even inside criticism for their "failure".

Dem say all di 9.3 million pipo wey dey live for di city plus pipo wey come visit - go do test.

Posts on social media show long line of pipo wey dey queue and authorities don reportedly urge pipo say make dem wear masks, stand one metre apart and avoid tok-tok as dem dey wait.

Officials say di highly contagious Delta variant of di virus dey behind di infections, dem add say cases don spread further because of how busy di airport dey.

One health official for Nanjing, Ding Jie tell reporters say di cases dey linked to cleaners wey work on one flight from Russia and bin land for di city on 10 July.

Local news say di cleaners no follow strict hygiene measures.

Di airport management don chop disapproval, with senior disciplinary body of di Communist Party as dem say di airport get "problems like lack of supervision and unprofessional management".

Testing don show say di virus don now spread to at least 13 cities including Chengdu and di capital Beijing.

However, experts quote by di Global Times say dem believe say di outbreak still dey early stage and dem fit control am.

Local officials for Nanjing say seven of di pipo wey dey infected dey critical condition.

Di new spike in cases don lead some pipo for Chinese social media to speculate about whether the Chinese vaccines dey work against di Delta variant.

E no dey clear if those infected don collect vaccine.

Pipo for South East Asia kontri wey dey rely on Chinese vaccines don recently announce say dem go use other jabs .

So far, China don manage to keep di virus under control as dem close borders and dem move quickly to stamp out local outbreaks.