'Smallest baby at birth' Kwan Yu Xuan don finally go home afta one year

A picture of Yu Xuan when she was born at a weight of 212g

Wia dis foto come from, Kwek Family

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Dem born Yu Xuan wen her mama bin dey five months pregnant by emergency C-section

One baby wey sabi pipo dey reason say na di world smallest at birth don dey discharged from one Singapore hospital afta 13 months of intensive treatment.

Kwek Yu Xuan be just 212g (7.47oz) - di weight of apple - wen dem born her and she bin measure 24cm long.

Dem bin born her at just under 25 weeks - below di average 40.

Di previous record holder na girl for US wey weigh 245g at birth for 2018 according to di University of Iowa Tiniest Babies Registry.

Yu Xuan mama born her by emergency C-section four months ahead of schedule afta dem diagnose her with pre-eclampsia - wey be very high blood pressure wey fit damage vital organs and lead to death for both mother and baby.

Yu Xuan now dey weigh 6.3kg (14 pounds) wey dey much healthier.

Di tori loud sotay even di hospital wey dem born am National University Hospital (NUH) tok for statement say di way she fight to stay alive even with di fact say her chances bin small bin give pipo serious ginger. Dem even call Yu Xuan say she be "extraordinary Covid-19 baby".

Wia dis foto come from, NUH, Singapore

Wetin we call dis foto,

After spending thirteen months for hospital, Yu Xuan don dey discharged

Even as doctors don discharge am comot from hospital, Yu Xuan still get chronic lung disease and go need help to breath for house but doctors say she go recover from dat one with time.

Her mama, Wong Mei Ling, tell local tori pipo say Yu Xuan birth and size come as a shock to her because she deliver her first child - four-year-old boy - at term.

Yu Xuan's parents bin dey able to pay for her long hospital stay through crowdfunding campaign wey raise S$366,884 ($270,601).