BBNaija: Whitemoney and Queen confrontation with Pere Plus oda highlights between Tega and Boma

BBNaija: Whitemoney and Queen confrontation with Pere Plus oda highlights between Tega and Boma

Wia dis foto come from, Big Brother Naija

Gbas-gbos no dey new again for di Big Brother Naija 'Shine Ya Eye' reality TV show as Queen and Pere don get dia own.

Dis na afta di one wey happun between Angel and Boma wey lead to di exchange of abusive words between both housemates.

Wetin Cause Queen and Pere Quarrel?

Wia dis foto come from, Big Brother Naija

Queen get am hot with Pere on Saturday wey be day 42 of di show and tell Pere say Biggie house no be im own.

Wetin cause di quarrel, na afta Pere approach di Housemates for Kitchen and confront those wey dey present say e dey look for im towels and pillows.

E be like say Pere come dey point accusing fingers give Whitemoney but Queen come try to chook mouth for di mata and na from dia kasala burst as Pere tell her to 'shut up'.

"Shut up man. no try dat with me with me. I go give you real hot. You no dey sleep for di blue room. You dey sleep for di red room. So you just dey try to make noise," Queen reply back to Pere.

"Who you think you be? dis no be your house. Dis na Big Brother house. If you feel say you dey too big for di house, waka pass di door!"

Pere just dey mimic Queen as she dey para and oda housemates try to calm dis situation down.

But di tok-tok no stop dia as Queen continue to complain about Pere give Angel. She tell Angel say Whitemoney always dey try to please Pere but Pere no dey see am.

"I go cook and Whitemoney go give me one piece of meat but e go give Pere two pieces of meat. E go even pack plenty of food and say, 'dis one na for Pere', Queen tell Angel.

"E dey try to please Pere but Pere no dey see am. Youno fit force someone to like you wen di pesin no like you. You just stay clear because no be di pesin carry yon enta Big Brother's house."

Wetin make Whitemoney Confront Pere

Later dat same Saturday, Whitemoney take di first step to call for meeting with Saga, Boma and Pere inside di Games Room concerning wetin happun.

Whitemoney tok how e dey feel and address di tensions wey dem between di two of dem plus tell Pere say make e stop to dey beef am inside di house.

Whitemoney tell Pere how e behaviour dey make am feel extremely disrespected.

E calmly ask Pere to re-look at di way e take dey approach am and address am as e be say everybody na equal inside Big Brother House.

Although no apology come from anywhere, di guys use mature approach and settle dia issues.

Boma and Tega highlight inside di Executive lounge

Wia dis foto come from, Big Brother Naija

Dat same Saturday Boma and Tega na di lucky ones to get inside di executive lounge alone.

As both of dem dey inside Executive Lounge, Boma and Tega share passionate kiss to seal dia little break-away session from di rest of di Housemates.

Di two kiss until Big Brother interrupt dem as e tell dem say time don reach tp leave di executive lounge

Meanwhile during dia stay togeda for di executive lounge, Tega tell Boma how she no dey happy with how Angel dey behave and add say Angel game dey weak.

"Pipo dey do emotional blackmail for im house. You think say you be di only one wey don suffer, you dey write letter to your late boyfriend."

Boma come add say: "Na because some of us no wan tok about our trauma.? Na only you don lose someone? No be say I dey insensitive but pipo don lost mum and dad. Some of us dey ashame to tell our stories.

"Di day Angel tok back at me, dat na di day I go slap her and leave di house," Tega tok.

"I dey married but you wey dey single your game dey weak!...Make strategic moves. na be by staying naked, I fit wear Buba."