Afghanistan: UN dey seek millions in international aid

Pakistani cargo aircraft wey carry humanitarian aid land for Hamid Karzai International Airport for Kabul

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Aid organisations don warn sey urgent need dey for food and medical supplies

Di United Nations dey wan raise more dan $600m (£434m) in aid for Afghanistan, warning sey di kontri dey face a major humanitarian crisis.

Dem dey call for international support for one conference for Geneva, sake of di Taliban takeover last month.

"After decades of war, suffering and insecurity, dey [Afghans] face perhaps dia most perilous hour," Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tok.

Di UN say di $600m target go bring "vital relief" to millions.

For im opening remark, Oga Guterres call di humanitarian crisis for Afghanistan a "looming catastrophe", and say di pipo of Afghanistan dey in desperate need of a lifeline.

"Today one in three Afghans no know wia dia next meal will come from, di poverty rate dey increasse and basic public services don near collapse. Hundreds of thousands of pipo don dey forced to run from dia homes and at di same time Afghanistan dey face severe drought - di second to hit di kontri country in four years. Many pipo fit no get food by di end of dis month just as winter dey near," e warn.

Di UN don appeal to di Taliban to give aid workers unimpeded access.

Even before di Islamist militants take control of Afghanistan for August, more dan 550,000 pipo bin don dey forced to run from dia homes dis year sake of fight-fight.

Dat means estimated 3.5 million pipo dey currently internally displaced within di kontri. Afghans don also get to deal wit serious drought as well as food shortages.

Na top UN officials as well as aid organisations including di Red Cross and various international goments dey attend di conference on Monday.

About a third of di money wey dem plan to raise na for di UN World Food Programme (WFP), wey bin tok sey many Afghans no get access to cash to afford sufficient food.

"Now na race against time and di snow to deliver life-saving assistance," WFP deputy regional director Anthea Webb tell Reuters news agency. "We dey literally beg and borrow to avoid food stocks running out."

Di UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, tweet say im arrive Kabul on Monday to "assess di kontri acute humanitarian needs".

Thousands of pipo don run comot from Afghanistan since di Taliban take control of Kabul on 15 August following a rapid offensive.

On Monday, a special Pakistan International Airlines flight arrive for di capital to take passengers to Islamabad.

For anoda development, Abdul Ghani Baradar, di Taliban co-founder and new deputy prime minister of Afghanistan, issue one clear audio statement afta tori about im death spread for social media.

"I don dey away on trips," e tok for di clip. "Wia ever I dey at di moment, we all dey fine, all my brothers and friends."

Di BBC never fit verify di recording, wey dem post some official Taliban websites.

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BBC catche up wit Afghan journalist wey give emotional interview for Kabul airport