Hospital usa robôs para remover câncer de próstata

Hospital usa robôs para remover câncer de próstata

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Robotic surgery


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operation – procedure where a specialised doctor cuts into the body for medical reasons

medical field – area of activity specialising in treatment of health conditions

patient – person who receives medical care

surgeons – specially trained doctors who perform operations by cutting open bodies

keyhole surgery – medical procedure that involves making a very small hole in a person’s body

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What has happened to Naseer’s cancer?


Naseer was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year.

Naseer Jadalizadeh

I wanted it to get rid of it, and that is the basis of how the operation came to be.

He was asked if he wanted to be the first person in the UK to have his prostate gland removed by a new robotic system.

Naseer Jadalizadeh

It's nice to be part of something new within the medical field that in future may contribute a lot of effectiveness, a lot of service to the community. And therefore, I had no doubt about it.

Using 3D HD cameras and remote arms a few metres away from the patient, surgeons at Guy's and St Thomas' [hospital in London] control robotic arms in order to carry out complicated operations.

Ben Challacombe, Consultant Urologist, Guy's and St Thomas'

In five or 10 years’ time, most keyhole surgery in this country is going to be done with robotic assistance, and it’s been a slow growth over the last 10 years or so, but we are now at the stage where it’s so… these robots are so adaptable, they can help with so many different types of operations.

Frankie McCamley, BBC reporter

How have the patients so far responded?

Ben Challacombe

The patients have been fantastic. I mean, they’ve been very positive and thankfully, the results so far have been good.

In Naseer's case his results were everything he and his family hoped for. He’s now cancer free and making every day count.

Answer this…

What has happened to Naseer’s cancer?

It has disappeared – he is now cancer free.