Alemanha vai aumentar investimentos em carros elétricos

Ministro alemão das Finanças, Philip Roesler, dirige carro elétrico em Berlim (Foto Reuters) Direito de imagem BBC World Service
Image caption Ministro alemão das Finanças, Philip Roesler, dirige carro elétrico em Berlim

The German government has approved more money to help companies that build electric cars. There are only around 2,500 electric vehicles registered on German roads at present. The plan is to increase this figure to a million by 2020.

Stephen Evans reports.

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Germany plans to double financial aid, particularly to develop better, lighter batteries, which remain the brake on the technology's mass appeal. Cars which emit virtually no carbon dioxide will be exempt from tax.

Despite its green reputation, Germany has been slower than other countries, like Japan, to develop electric cars.

It now aims to change this, but attitudes may be hard to change. It is a country where 'no speed limits on the motorway' is seen as sacrosanct.

And it is the country of the BMW (car), though the luxury car-maker is now trying to develop lighter materials to make its vehicles greener.

Stephen Evans, BBC News, Berlin

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financial aid help by giving money (auxílio em dinheiro)

the brake on the drawback or negative aspect of (empecilho, desvantagem ou aspecto negativo de)

mass appeal widespread popularity (apelo de massa, popularidade geral)

emit lets out or sends out (que soltam ou expelem)

exempt not required to do something (isento, não ter que fazer determinada coisa)

green reputation known for its commitment to environmentally-friendly policies (reputação 'verde', conhecido pelas políticas de respeito ao meio ambiente)

to develop to design and manufacture (desenvolver, desenhar e manufaturar)

speed limits maximum speeds at which you are allowed to or can legally drive on different roads (velocidade máxima permitida)

sacrosanct considered so important that it cannot be changed (sacrossanto, considerado tão importante que não pode ser mudado)

materials equipment and substances which are used to make things (matéria-prima, equipamento e substâncias usadas para fabricar coisas)