A volta de Dominique Strauss-Khan à política parece cada vez mais distante

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Image caption O ex-diretor do FMI, Dominique Strauss-Khan e esposa, Anne Sinclair

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is unlikely to run for the French presidency despite surveys that suggest he would still prove popular. On Friday the former IMF chief was freed from his strict bail conditions after doubts about the reliability of his accuser. Reportagem de Christian Fraser.

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It is extraordinary to think he is even being mooted as a potential candidate. But such was the outpouring of relief in Socialist circles on Friday that speculation was rife over the weekend that Mr Strauss-Kahn may return as a surprise candidate for next year's presidential election.

The snap polls that followed Friday's dramatic events in court revealed 49% of French voters favour his return, against 45% opposed. And on the left 60% of people suggest they would support him.

Today while not ruling out a political future for the former IMF chief, the party spokesman, Benoit Hamon, said the idea that Mr Strauss-Kahn could now run for the presidency was "the weakest" of all possible scenarios.

But he also made it clear that the leadership would not necessarily block a late entry to the party ballot.

The list for the Socialist candidates closes on the 13th and in theory Mr Strauss-Kahn can put his name forward, even if he is not released by the deadline.

Mr Strauss-Kahn would certainly be a gamble, but the current crop of front runners do not unite or inspire the party as Mr Strauss-Kahn did before his arrest. The direction of the polls in the next few weeks, and the events in court, could yet prove crucial.

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the outpouring of relief (exprimir alívio pelo fim de uma situação desagradável) the strong expression of thanks that an unpleasant situation has ended

speculation was rife (muitas suposições sobre os próximos acontecimentos) there were a lot of ideas and guesses about what might happen next

snap polls (pesquisas-relâmpago de opinião) surveys of public opinion that took place very quickly

ruling out (certeza de que algo não vai acontecer mesmo) deciding that something is definitely not going to happen

scenarios (opções possíveis de acontecimentos futuros) options for what might happen in the future

The list (relação com nomes de pessoas registradas para tomar parte em algo) The names of people registered to be part of something

put his name forward (lançar candidatura oficial) become an official candidate

a gamble (algo arriscado, que não é certo ser bem sucedido) something that is risky and not certain to be successful

the current crop of front runners (os candidatos com maior chance de serem eleitos) the candidates who are most likely to be successful