Presidente da Hungria renuncia após comprovação de fraude em tese de doutorado

Pal Schmitt, ex-presidente da Hungria Direito de imagem BBC World Service

The Hungarian President Pal Schmitt, has resigned after a university committee found that he had largely copied his 1992 doctoral thesis from the work of others. The report below was filed before resignation was announced.

Reporter: Nick Thorpe

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The allegations against President Schmitt began in January when a leading Hungarian weekly magazine, HVG, published what it said was clear proof that a large part of his 1992 doctoral thesis on the history of the Olympic games was a word-for-word translation of a work by a Bulgarian author.

President Schmitt is a well-respected former sportsman, who twice won Olympic medals in the Hungarian fencing team. He is also stalwart member of the governing Fidesz party, and was elected in 2010 for a 5-year term. An investigatory committee of the Budapest Semmelweis University confirmed that much of the thesis was copied, but criticised the former university authorities for failing to enforce sufficiently high standards.

Now the rector of the university has said he will begin proceedings tostrip the President of his honorary title of doctor. President Schmitt said that he had no intention of resigning. What happens next may depend on the degree of support he feels from his own party.

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allegations (alegações, acusações feitas sem provas) accusations made without proof

leading (liderando, importante e bem sucedido) important and successful

doctoral thesis (tese de doutorado, dissertação escrita feita para um curso de doutorado na universidade) piece of writing completed for a university doctorate

a word-for-word translation of (uma tradução literal, feita exatamente com as mesmas palavras, ao pé da letra) a translation written in exactly the same words as

fencing team (equipe de esgrima, um esporte de luta de espadas) team that practise fencing, a sword-fighting sport

stalwart (leal) loyal

former (anterior) previous

to stripe (retirar) to deprive

honorary title (título honorífico dado a alguém mesmo que não possua qualificação oficial) title given as an honour even if the person isn't officially qualified

resigning (renunciando, pedindo demissão de um emprego, cargo ou função) quitting his job