Arqueólogos dizem ter encontrado vestígios de antigo teatro de Shakespeare

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Archaeologists in London say they've discovered the remains of an old Elizabethan theatre in which some of Shakespeare's early plays were seen. 'The Curtain' was probably only the second purpose-built theatre in England.

Reportagem:Vincent Dowd

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‘The Curtain’ theatre opened in 1577, a year after 'The Theatre' nearby. Most experts reckon that was the first dedicated theatre-building in England – earlier performances had been in tavern-yards or at court.

The approximate location of The Curtain was already known, but now experts at the Museum of London say they've identified remarkably intact elements of walling and the yard where poorer theatre-goers stood. The developers who own the site say they plan to incorporate the theatre's remains into their project.

The best-known Shakespearean theatre in London is the Globe - although that's a modern reconstruction, a short distance from the original site.

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dedicated (feito para uma função específica) - designed for a particular function

performances (apresentações) - public shows

tavern-yards (área nos fundos de um pub) - the area of ground behind a pub

court (corte) - the home of an important person, often royalty

approximate (aproximado) - rough, near

intact (intacto) - untouched, entire

walling (murada) - upright side structure

poorer theatre-goers (frequentadores de teatro mais pobres) - people lacking wealth who attended the theatre

incorporate (incorporar) - combine, unite

reconstruction (reconstrução) - remake, re-creation