Escócia rejeita independência do Reino Unido

Escoceses rejeitam saída do Reino Unido

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Escoceses rejeitam saída do Reino Unido

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Around 85% of voters turned out to vote in the referendum. A total of 2,001,926 people voted 'No' to independence, whilst 1,617,989 voted 'Yes'.

Reporter: Rob Watson

It's been history in the making.

The people of Scotland have decided to continue their 300-year union with England. So the UK survives.

Pro-independence campaigners say they're disappointed, but insist the high turnout shows there's an appetite for change. Few would disagree, and accept the result doesn't mean Britain goes back to business as usual.

In the hours and days ahead, the Prime Minister David Cameron and the other party leaders will now have to deliver on their promise in the last days of the campaign to give Scotland more powers.

And no-one believes that can be done without a wider shake-up of how the rest of the UK is governed.

history in the making a very important event happening now (um evento importante, histórico, em andamento; história ao vivo)

union the state of being together (o estado de estar juntos; união)

turnout (here) the number of people who go to vote (neste caso, o número de eleitores que comparecem para votar; comparecimento)

appetite for change desire or feeling for change (desejo por mudança)

business as usual (phrase) said when things continue in the same way as before (expressão que denota as coisas como eram antes; normalmente para indicar continuidade ou não destas)

deliver to achieve something that has been offered or promised (alcançar ou cumprir algo que foi oferecido ou prometido; neste caso, cumprir)

shake-up big change (grande mudança; abalo)