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Big Ben pode estar inclinando como torre de Pisa


Transcrição em português

Todos conhecem essa torre inclinada, mas e essa aqui?

Segundo especialistas, o famoso marco de Londres pode tomar o mesmo rumo do icônico monumento italiano.

Foram encontradas rachaduras nas paredes do prédio do Parlamento, que podem ser consequência de subsidência causada por obras recentes.

Mas, o tempo está do seu lado, pois a torre do Big Bem não inclinará tanto quanto a de Pisa por pelo menos 10.000 anos.


landmark - well-known building or structure

cracks - partial breaks

subsidence - movement of earth

time is on (its) side - it won't happen quickly

tilt - lean to one side


Use one of the words or phrases below to complete each of these sentences from BBC news reports.

Note that you may have to change the form of a word to complete the sentence correctly.

landmark / cracks / subsidence / time is on (its) side / tilt

1. The structure - dubbed the blinking eye bridge because of its ability to _______ to allow ships pass under it - opened to the public on 17 September 2001.

2. There were fears that the east end of the building would collapse, after centuries of ____________. Deep-sea diver, William Walker, worked under water in total darkness for six years placing bags of concrete to stabilise the building.

3. The 14m (45ft) high letters in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles have been a Californian ______________ since 1923.

4. For the Royal Family's most high profile new recruit, a role continues to be carved out. She is, like Prince William, still tiptoeing towards her destiny.______________. She has four patronages, not 400.

5. Nimet, a mother of three, told Reuters she was tempted to return to her damaged home. "It looks fine from the outside, but inside it looks very unstable with all the ___________ in the walls. What other choice do we have but to go back to our houses?" she said.