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Day four of the Rio Olympics left many wondering why Michael Phelps had ever retired. The most successful Olympian of all time has now won 21 golds in four separate games. His latest came in the 200 metres butterfly and freestyle relay.

Now, they’re the UK’s highest mountains but they are under water. Scientists have returned from an expedition exploring the peaks off the west coast of Scotland. The mission: to log the marine life around them. And I think they’ve discovered many new species.

If you were asked to dedicate a statue to the late actress and comedian Lucille Ball you'd want to capture her beauty, her strong looks and her stylish presence. Unfortunately one sculptor was judged to have failed that test when he unveiled this bronze statue. So a new artist, Carolyn Palmer, was commissioned and this is what she produced for residents in Lucille Ball's hometown in western New York State. The original artist, Dave Poulin, offered to remake it but was turned down.


wonder - задаваться вопросом или желать знать

log – фиксировать

stylish – стильный

unveil – официально открыть


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