Lingohack: английский язык по новостям

Lingohack: английский язык по новостям

В разделe Learning English мы публикуем видео- и аудиоуроки английского языка.

Этот видеоурок подготовлен на основе трех новостных репортажей.


James Bevan and his team from the group Conflict Armament Research carefully document the weapons, now made safe, to establish their origin. The arms trade is a murky world but this group has been able to trace where IS gets much of its munitions from and the answers are surprising. They found crates of ammunition and rockets manufactured in factories in Eastern Europe. These were bought by the governments of the US and Saudi Arabia. They were supposed to be shipped through Turkey to rebel groups the US and Saudi Arabia supports in Syria but instead, sometimes as quick as two months from manufacture, these fell into the hands of IS and are now being used to kill US-backed Iraqi forces.

The (UK) government said it would raise five hundred million pounds a year from treating overseas visitors on the NHS but it's falling well short so the pressure is on to get hospitals to do more checks to allow NHS bosses to claim back from foreign governments. A plan to get all patients to produce identification for non-urgent hospital care is being considered.

Flying over the Humber (river in the UK) and out to the North Sea, you soon get a sense of how the renewable energy boom is transforming the horizon and this area's economy. Five miles off the east coast, this is the Westermost Rough Wind Farm built by Danish firm, Dong Energy. Dong plans to invest six billion pounds on the Humber by 2020.


a murky world - зд. дело темное

to fall into the hands (of) - оказаться в руках

to fall well short - быть далеко от заданной цели

boom - подъем