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Сегодня в серии "Lingohack": Laboratory-grown meat

В этом уроке встречаются слова и словосочетания:

tasty – вкусный, приятный на вкус

to taste – иметь определенный вкус

taste – вкус


Which US state does not allow laboratory-grown meat to be labelled 'meat'?


Is this the future of food? Here in Silicon Valley, scientists have taken cells plucked from the feathers of a chicken and are using them to grow meat in this hi-tech laboratory. Which means the chicken I'm about to eat, is weirdly still alive!

Thomas Elliott Bowman, Chef

So there we have it. Our 'Just' chicken nuggets, with a little bit of a chipotle ranch dipping sauce there.


I’m going to dip it in the sauce and take a bite… It’s really tasty. It tastes like chicken.

Although the taste is very similar, the physicality, the feel of it in your mouth is slightly different.

This firm says its chicken will be on a restaurant menu by the end of this year. Probably somewhere in Asia.

Josh Tetrick, CEO, Just

This is the transition away from raising and confining animals in the way we do. You know the reality is 99 percent of all the meat we eat comes from places that if we looked inside we wouldn’t be that proud of. Meat production is just as responsible for carbon emissions and climate change as all the cars we have on the street today.

But will anyone actually want to eat it? We travelled to cattle country to ask diners in Ozark, Missouri…


I would prefer not to no, if I knew about it.


Meat ought to be grown on the farm, out in the fields and stuff.

Ranchers have concerns too. Missouri has already banned the use of the word 'meat' to label lab-grown products.

Whatever it's called - with America's largest meat processor now investing in lab-grown meat, we may be about to see a new agricultural revolution.

Did you know?

A report by the Adam Smith Institute says meat made by scientists in a laboratory is better for the environment, animal welfare and would be cheaper than meat produced from farm animals.