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Сегодня в видеорубрике Lingohack: Oysters: an eco-friendly delicacy?

В уроке встречаются слова и словосочетания:

  • loch – озеро (в Шотландии)
  • mudflats – берег, заливаемый при морском приливе и обнажаемый при отливе
  • reefs – рифы
  • incoming tide – прилив
  • estuary – устье


Once a plentiful creature in the Humber, overfishing and disease drove oysters to extinction. Now they are back.

The results from a trial project earlier this year suggest the species has all the potential to thrive.

This project is sourcing new oysters from a Scottish sea loch. Thousands of them are being relocated to the very different surroundings of the Humber mudflats.

But why go to this trouble in the first place for the sake of one species? Well, it's all about biodiversity, enriching all marine life in this area.

Dr James Wood, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

We're on a sandy area of mud and there's [there're] not a lot of feature[s] here, there's [there're] not many species here. Something like oysters form reefs and form structure which a lot of other animals use.

Placed in sacks and attached to metal frames, they'll soon be covered by the incoming tide.

A single oyster can filter 50 gallons of water per day as it feeds, and many believe this could even have a cleaning effect on this estuary.

Known as a delicacy of the dinner table, there's increasing interest in the environmental benefits these creatures can offer.

There are now plans for tens of thousands of oysters to once again populate this estuary.

Did you get it?

What can oysters form which benefits other sea animals?

Oysters can form reefs and structures, which a lot of other sea animals use.


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