"По новостям": Santa Claus is too unhealthy

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An Australian scientist writing in the British Medical Journal thinks Father Christmas is a bad role model for children because he is very fat and drinks too much alcohol.

Father Christmas should get off his sleigh and walk, lay off the mince pies and go easy on the beer and brandy, says research from the University of Monash in Melbourne. Santa Claus, it says, is one of the most widely recognised figures in the world, and it's about time he started looking after his health, because he's a terrible role model.

The traditional image of him as a jolly little man with a fat belly promotes the view that obese people are happy. The research isn't intended entirely seriously says Nathan Grills, the scientist behind it, but there's still a good point to make about public health.

Equally worrying he says is the vast amount of alcohol Santa consumes on his rounds. All the beer, brandy and sherry left out for him in a billion homes worldwide, it says, must mean he's in no fit state to drive his sleigh. In fact, says the research, he should abandon it altogether and find a healthier way to deliver presents - like jogging. If that wasn't bad enough, the study says Santa's habits warrant closer scrutiny. More research is needed, it says, before it pronounces him a true public health menace.


  • get off his sleigh - прекратить ездить на санях
  • lay off - зд. перестать есть
  • go easy on - не перебирать с
  • a terrible role model - ужасный пример для подражания
  • belly - животом
  • on his rounds - зд. курсируя между домами тех, кого он поздравляет
  • he's in no fit state - он не в состоянии
  • warrant closer scrutiny - требуют более тщательного изучения
  • menace - угрозой

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