"По новостям": French rockers are singing in English

  • 9 ноября 2010

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В рубрике "По новостям" представлены радиорепортажи корреспондентов Би-би-си о серьезных и курьезных мировых событиях.

There are growing numbers of rock bands in France singing in English rather than French. Musicians are familiar with American and English rock culture and believe English is the most natural language to use when they perform.

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The breakthrough for bands that sing in English has not been straightforward. Under France's cultural protection laws, radio stations can only play a set amount of English-language music, and most prefer to fill their quota with actual British or American bands. That means little airtime for French-English bands.

Image caption Все больше французских музыкантов теперь поют на английском языке

There's also a feeling among some critics that singing in English is perhaps a bit of a cop out. But for the members of Anoraak, in rehearsal here outside Paris, singing in English is simply a recognition of changing times.

The internet generation cares little for national barriers, today's French youngsters are tuned into English like everyone else is, so why feel guilty?

Language has always been a vital part of French culture, so whether you like it or resent it, what's happening is undoubtedly significant. Young French musicians are abandoning their linguistic heritage, and joining the globalised world.


  • breakthrough - прорыв
  • airtime - эфирного времени
  • feeling - зд. мнение
  • is a bit of a cop out - означает отчасти пойти на попятный
  • in rehearsal - зд. репетирующей
  • the internet generation - интернет-поколение
  • cares little for - мало заботят
  • vital - жизненно важной
  • linguistic heritage - языкового наследия

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