Английский язык по новостям: Scientists identify cause of baldness

  • 17 января 2011

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American scientists say that they've discovered why some men go bald. They blame faulty cells which seem to produce hair that is so thin that it is invisible to the naked eye. They expect to find a cure for baldness.

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For some men, bald is beautiful.

The iconic look may work for a few - especially celebrities - like the rugged Die Hard star Bruce Willis and Star Trek's Patrick Stewart.

For many though hair loss is no laughing matter. But now researchers in America say they've uncovered a cure.

Image caption Борьба с облысением была и остается безуспешной

An academic medical centre has found that hair follicles actually shrink, but don't disappear. Dr George Cotsarelis, dermatology professor at Pennsylvania University, foundthe discovery hair-raising.

"What we found surprised us. The stem cells were present but they were not doing their job."

The discovery of invisible hair sounds too good to be true. But what does it mean?

"It really gives us hope that because the stem cells are present it lowers the bar for developing treatments that could activate the stem cells and get them to form a new hair follicle," said Dr Cotsarelis.

Treating these faulty stem cells means that, rather than just maintaining hair, we could soon regenerate hair.


  • rugged - суровый
  • is no laughing matter - зд. не до смеха
  • cure - метод лечения или лекарство
  • hair follicles - волосяные луковицы
  • hair-raising - зд. от которого волосы дыбом встают
  • stem cells - стволовые клетки
  • too good to be true - слишком хорошо, чтобы в это можно было поверить
  • lowers the bar - опускает планку
  • regenerate - восстанавливать

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