Английский язык по новостям: Six new planets are found

  • 9 февраля 2011

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US scientists studying data from the Kepler space telescope identified six large planets orbiting around a Sun-like star about 2,000 light-years away. This new solar system is intriguing Nasa scientists.

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Finding six new planets around a single star represents an impressive haul. Nasa is calling it the best find since the first so-called ‘exoplanet’ was discovered 16 years ago. It might not be the most populated solar system yet found - six or possibly seven planets have been found in a rival system, but it's the nature of this new discovery which is getting the astronomers scratching their heads in wonder.

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Image caption Телескоп "Кеплер" помогает получать информацию о потенциальных экзопланетах

Five of the six planets are crammed tightly in around the Kepler-11 star, with orbits of between just ten and 47 days. That means they're all super hot, but the data suggests they're also made mostly of gas.

That's strange, because small hot planets this close in should have been ripped asunder by their parent star in their formative years, say the scientists. One possible explanation is that the planets started out bigger and further out and were slowly dragged into tighter orbits, as part of a contracting belt of dust and asteroids.


  • impressive haul - впечатляющий улов
  • so-called ‘exoplanet’ - так называемая экзопланета (находящаяся вне Солнечной системы)
  • is getting the astronomers scratching their heads - заставляет астрономов ломать голову
  • are crammed in - втиснуты
  • ripped asunder - разорваны на части
  • in their formative years - в период их формирования или развития
  • were dragged - были втянуты

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