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Проект "Learn English with the BBC" - это английский язык на каждый день. Смотрите видеоуроки английского и мультфильмы, проверяйте знания по нашим тестам по английскому языку с ответами и переводом на русский, учите английский по новостям Би-би-си.

Этот видеоурок подготовлен на основе трех новостных репортажей.


Knife crime has increased by nine percent across England and Wales. In London it's risen by sixteen per cent over the last two years. Several years ago it was predominantly a gang problem. Now the police think seventy-five per cent of those who carry have no associations with gangs – they're just doing it because everyone else is.

Highly recognisable – but while Chester Zoo's giraffes are loved by the visitors, in their natural African habitat, the animals are suffering what has been called a devastating decline. Illegal hunting, expanding agriculture and civil unrest have all been cited as factors pushing the long-necked mammals towards extinction.

Twenty-five-year-old Conchi Rios is one of only four female matadors in the world of Spanish bullfighting. She said it took a few years to get a job as a bullfighter in Spain, but that it was worth fighting to do the job she loves. Bullfighting is controversial in Spain, but Conchi says those who are against it don't necessarily understand it.


predominantly - преимущественно; в основном

devastating - катастрофический

cite - упоминать или приводить

controversial - вызывающий споры