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Видеоурок английского. The Teacher-1943

  • 11 сентября 2013

Ведущий рубрики The Teacher внес свой вклад в празднование 70-летия со дня выхода в эфир Би-би-си первого урока английского языка.


The Teacher has been at a party celebrating 70 years of English language teaching by the BBC. He discovers a film from 1943 presented by his own grandfather. In it, Grandad Teacher makes predictions about the future of English teaching. But which ones came true?


Good day. Good day to you. I am a very intriguing and erudite man. From the control room of the BBC’s Bush House, London, I would like to tell you about an exciting new development in the development of the teaching of English.

From the people who brought you English by Carrier Pigeon… English by Radio, or wireless as we young hipsters like to call it. Let’s have a listen.

Clip English by Radio. Now are you familiar with such things as prepositions? Prepositions. A preposition is a word composed of ‘position’ and ‘pre’, which means ‘before’.

Using the radio to teach English is just the beginning. The future is far more exciting. The television.


In the first programme in this series, we looked at one thing we mean when we talk about good speech: accent. Remember?

Advancements in science mean that people will no longer have to smoke to keep healthy. They will be able to use medicine instead. That’s why experts predict English by Injection will become popular.

Experts inform us that by the 1970s and 80s even poor people will own and drive a car. And that’s why English for Driving will become necessary.


In L Driver, I’ll help you to understand the English you’ll hear when you’re learning to drive.

In the space age, the BBC will employ a furry alien called Muzzy to teach English.

It’s dangerous out in space. It can also be dangerous here on earth. That’s why the BBC will help people to learn English for Emergencies.


Oh my God, Maria, I’ve left a pan of chips on the stove and the door’s slammed and she’s locked out. There’s a pan of chips on the stove in there. There’ll be a fire. Out the way, love.

Let me end this trip into the future with the most exciting idea of them all: the computer. But not just that… Computers all around the world joined to each other by something called an Inter Web. People will be able to learn English on one of these…

An Inter Web… Imagine that! Hang on. I appear to be IN the internet. Help! Somebody! Argh! Help me! I’m trapped in the internet. Argh!


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