Серия Lingohack: темы дня
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Lingohack: английский по новостям

  • 8 октября 2015

В разделe Learning English мы публикуем видео- и аудиоуроки английского языка.

В этом видеоуроке, подготовленном на основе новостей Би-би-си:

  • ЕС сможет эффективнее бороться с незаконной перевозкой людей
  • Иракские сироты играют самих себя в театре
  • Пострадавшему в ДТП маленькому австралийцу "присоединили голову"


EU naval vessels will now be able to board and seize people smugglers' boats. So far this year more than 130,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe from the North African coast. More than 2,700 have drowned.

On a stage in Baghdad a theatrical performance unlike any other. These girls aren't just playing a part, they're playing themselves. A play about orphans, performed by orphans – drama as a kind of therapy. Aged between 12 and 17, 15 actresses, all of them from an orphanage in Baghdad. Each has lost one or both parents. Many have been exposed to violence, trauma and upheaval.

To a toddler in Australia now, who has made what doctors are describing as a miraculous recovery after his head was internally decapitated in a car crash. This is 16-month-old Jackson Taylor whose neck was completely snapped in the accident although his muscle and skin kept his head in place. Surgeons were able to use part of one of his ribs to reattach his head to his spinal column and he's now fully mobile again and smiling.


  • to seize - конфисковать, налагать арест или захватывать
  • therapy - лечение, терапия
  • upheaval - потрясение или сдвиг
  • miraculous - чудесный, удивительный

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