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Lingohack: английский по новостям

  • 19 ноября 2015

В разделe Learning English мы публикуем видео- и аудиоуроки английского языка.

В этом видеоуроке, подготовленном на основе новостей Би-би-си:

  • Расследование серии нападений в Париже продолжается
  • Футбольные болельщики отдают дань памяти жертвам недавней трагедии во Франции
  • Саммит АТЭС провоцирует хаос на дорогах Манилы


Police have conducted more raids in the wake of Friday's attacks in Paris. They say a second man, a ninth attacker, may be on the run. The investigators have also been examining two buildings in the Paris suburbs they believe were used by the attackers.

Wembley had never seen anything quite like it – armed police on patrol amid a massive security operation – this a legacy of the events in Paris. Four days ago fans were amongst those targeted in the attacks, now despite inevitable anxiety, more than 70,000 came to support and to remember. French values and French colours lighting up the home of English football.

World leaders are gathering in Manila for the APEC summit, and with increased security it could make the city's traffic even worse. Manila's gridlocked roads are symptomatic of the significant infrastructure problems in the Philippines and vast amounts of time are lost and huge amounts of pollution generated by the capital's crawling traffic.


  • on the run - в бегах
  • legacy - наследие; зд. результат или последствие
  • inevitable anxiety - неизбежное (зд. объяснимое) чувство тревоги
  • are symptomatic of - говорят о

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