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Lingohack: английский по новостям

  • 27 апреля 2016

В разделe Learning English мы публикуем видео- и аудиоуроки английского языка.

В этом видеоуроке, подготовленном на основе новостей Би-би-си:

  • ВОЗ бьет тревогу из-за роста числа больных диабетом
  • Объектам всемирного наследия угрожает промпроизводство
  • В Британии выпустили почтовые марки в ознаменование 90-летия Елизаветы II


The World Health Organisation says there's been a fourfold increase in diabetes in the past four decades. Worldwide nearly one-in-11 adults now has the disease. In one of the largest studies to date, it's been found that poor and middle income countries had seen the steepest rise in cases. That's prompted a warning that diabetes has reached levels that could bankrupt some health systems.

The Great Barrier Reef, the Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru – just two of the world's most precious natural and cultural heritage sites. But they're under threat from industrial activity like never before. That's the warning from the charity WWF – the World Wildlife Fund. It says that half of the 229 world heritage sites could be at risk from developments such as logging, fishing and oil exploration.

The Royal Mail here in the UK has released a historic image of the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. It's going to be used to make four new postage stamps to mark the Queen's 90th birthday. Prince George is, of course, William's son. Here he is, posing for his very first stamp… The Royal Mail has also produced a further six stamps to mark the birthday.


to date - к настоящему времени

precious - ценный

to release - выпустить в обращение