Mobile costs

The BBC does not charge for mobile content. Your network operator charges will apply. Operators may charge for time spent browsing or amount of data downloaded.

For example, if an operator charges £2 per MB of data downloaded, it would cost approximately 1p to read three pages of a BBC news story. Please consult your operator to find out their specific charges.

However, there are several ways to limit the costs of browsing the mobile internet:

Get a data bundle

Signing up to a monthly or daily flat-rate/capped data package will limit your monthly spend on surfing the mobile internet or downloading video clips, especially if you are a heavy user. Contact your network operator for further details.

Use wi-fi

An increasing number of mobile phones now come with wi-fi built-in. You can lessen data costs by accessing BBC Mobile this way, via your wireless broadband connection at home or at a wireless hotspot. If you are unsure whether your phone has wi-fi built in, contact the phone manufacturer or your network operator.

Use bluetooth

Some of the video clips available on BBC Mobile are not locked and can be sent by Bluetooth to another phone – so share them with your friends.

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