Mobile FAQs

How can I listen to audio on my mobile device?

To listen to our audio you need a compatible mobile device. You will also need to activate your SIM card to receive data via GPRS and WAP. For more information, contact your mobile operator.

What formats are available from

Via our mobile site we offer: - 3gp - mp3 Via our desktop site we offer: - RealMedia - Windows Media

What is the cost?

The BBC does not charge you for downloading our audio or video files. However, your operator might charge you for the volume of data you download. If you are not sure what the cost of downloading data is, please check with your operator before you proceed.

How long does it take to download?

This will depend on the speed of your data connection. In normal circumstances, a clip should download within 1 to 2 minutes.

How do I listen to an audio clip?

Simply select the file of your choice and once it has finished downloading, the file will probably start playing automatically. If playback does not begin, browse to the folder where you saved it and try to start it from there. Remember that if you have stored lots of text messages, images or video and your device's memory is full, you may have to delete some files to free up space.

Is it possible to improve sound quality?

Usually the sound quality on mobile phones with integrated speakers is low, therefore we recommend using headphones.

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