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Last updated: 27 January, 2005 - Published 18:57 GMT
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Mystery rafts given holy status
Two rafts decorated with Buddhist flags had drifted to the beaches of LTTE administered Vakarai and Government administered Mankeni in the Batticaloa district.

Floating raft
Villagers believe the rafts to have a holy significance (Photo Shanthi Selvadoorai)

The unmanned rafts were made from bamboo and corrugated metal sheets.

In the raft drifted to Vakarai beach, people found a container with a flock of hair, some rice, a brick and some liquid.

The other raft contained an object similar to a cradle and a small pillow.

Batticaloa District Secretary M. Uthayakumar, who inspected the contents said, "These objects seem to have some cultural resemblance to what you find in Nepal and Thailand."

The District Secretary also said that he had asked the people to protect the rafts and the contents.

He added "People in the area had taken these objects with great respect to their Hindu temples. They have started to worship this mysterious objects."

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