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Last updated: 16 February, 2005 - Published 18:06 GMT
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Kaushalyan killing : Monks protest UN
Protesting monks (photo Elmo Fernando)
Monks say Kofi Annan was misled by the local representative
Group of Buddhist monks belonging to National Bikkhu Front carried black banners, and took part in a demonstration outside the UN office in Colombo against the UN General Secretary Koffi Annan's expression of condolences on the death of a senior LTTE leader.

The President of the National Bikkhu Front, Ven. Dambara Amila says; the statement from the General Secretary was issued due to advice given by the local representative of the UN.

"This is a death of a man who was a member of an organisation that is a threat to the Unitary State, The sovereignty and the authority of Sri Lanka. Expressing grief over a murderer of this calibre poses a threat to the independence of our country. It is clear, the local representative Mr. Miguel Bermeo is working to promote the LTTE."

LTTE's Eastern leader Kaushalyan was shot dead on 07 January in the government controlled areas by unidentified gunmen.

Monks marching towards UN office
"UN's Sri Lanka representative Mr. Miguel Bermeo is working to promote the LTTE"

Ven. Amila named the UN as an organisation which does not promote separatism. "But if the local representatives are working as Cat's paws of the LTTE, that will ruin the good reputation of the UN and the credibility of the General Secretary."

The President of the Bikkhu Front also said that it is different when the government expresses condolences towards the death of LTTE leaders.

"But this kind of organisation should not do such things using the official avenues. These kind of activities by a reputable organisation will only give a boost to the LTTE."

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