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Last updated: 26 March, 2005 - Published 18:56 GMT
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Shelter is our priority –Tsunami victims
In Galle, while the officials say that everything is on track, the displaced Tsunami victims say that things are far from satisfactory.

“The short and long term rehabilitation processes are successfully underway. I am saying this because recently the UN praised our progress by comparing the pre and post tsunami situations says Galle Government Agent. G. Hewawitharane.

The displaced in katugoda refugee camp, close to the Galle town think otherwise. They point out that the government has been slow in building suitable temporary shelters

tsunami victim
life in the open

Elmo Fernando of sandeshaya who visited the katugoda camp was told that there is lack of initiative from the government official.

Displaced people said that it is hard to live in the Tarpaulin tents in the hot sun.

They said that organizations such as the USAID which is the International development aid organization of the United States have been able to successfully put up temporary shelters using planks within a matter of days.

The displaced of Katugoda quarried why the government could not do so.

Mohommad Siddique, accused the government of misleading the displaced with falls promises .He said that there is wide spread discontent among those living in temporary shelter.

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