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Last updated: 26 August, 2005 - Published 16:48 GMT
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Action and Reactions
Ranil Wickramasinghe speaking at Press Conference
UNP leader welcomes elections
The UNP said that it was delighted with the Supreme Court decision as it was a victory for democracy.

Speaking at press conference Leader of the opposition Ranil Wickramasigha thanked Parliamentarian Rev. Omalpe Sobitha for petioning the supreme court for a clarification of the timing of the presidential election.

Wickramasingha said “Now there is another step to make this meaningful victory. we should work towards a free and fare election”

The JVP said that it was never a party to the debate on when the presidential election should be held.Speaking to Sandeshaya parliamentarian Vijitha Hearath said that they are in the process of deciding if they would support another candidate or field there own.

Hearath said “we are exploring ways and means to find a candidate who will defeat separatists”.

Muslim congress leader Rauf Hakeem said they have still not decided on a plan of action.

Muslim Congress leader
Rauf Hakeem

He said “we will carefully evaluate the polices of Ranil and Mahinda as well as the forcers they are going to join hands with before making decision”.

The leader of the Muslim congress said that he would not rule out the option of fielding there own candidate.

He said “if we can make clear the strength of muslims nationally and internationally by fielding our own candidate we would certainly consider that option”.

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