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Last updated: 06 September, 2005 - Published 17:48 GMT
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No deal yet with JVP : Mangala
Minister Samaraweera with former JVP Minister Anura Dissanayake
Minister Samaraweera says PM is yet to agree a deal with the JVP
Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapske has said he is determined to go forward from where President Kumaratunga has stopped in the peace process.

PM Rajapkse’s office has reiterated that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) presidential candidate is “ready to meet anybody”, in order to achieve peace in the island nation.

Minister Mangala Samaraweera, Chief Campaign Coordinator for PM Rajapakse, has criticised media for “misrepresenting facts” that the PM has agreed for a 12-point action plan with People’s Liberation Front (JVP).

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the campaign office has flatly refused that the PM has rejected open economy.

However, the policy agreement issued on Monday by the JVP said the two parties agreed not to accept liberal economic policies.

JVP statement on the agreement stated: “No party shall accept the so-called liberal open economic policy as Sri Lanka’s national economic strategy.”

Former minister and JVP parliamentarian Vijitha Herath told BBC Sandeshaya ( that the party will have to renegotiate their support, if the PM is to change his “verbal promise” to abide by the 12-point action plan.

The JVP however declined to say whether they would withdraw their support if any changes made to the agreement.

Both the JVP and the PM’s office have stressed an agreement based upon the action plan to be signed within days.

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