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Last updated: 22 October, 2005 - Published 18:33 GMT
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No unanimity on comission report
Protest in Colombo over the death of Soma Thera
Protest in Colombo over the death of Soma Thera
The Commission appointed by the President to inquire into the circumstances of the death of Ven.Gangodawila Soma Thero has come out with varying conclusions.

The three member commission handed over its report to President on Friday, the 22nd.

The Chairman, retired judge, P.Edissuriya told Sandesaya that the death could have been avoided had prompt action taken to treat the thero.

The Chairman, Edissuriya said when the thero could have been treated in Moscow; he was taken to Petersburgh instead thus delaying the treatment.

"The Ven Thero did not have contact with his mother, relatives or the temple during his stay in the hospital. These are suspicious reasons to believe that the delay is part of a conspiracy", the Chairman Edissuriya said.

The Commission member, Consultant Dr.Anula Wijesundera has supported this view.

No reason for suspicion

The other member of the commission, historian, Professor Mendis Rohanadheera told Sandesaya that there were no evidence to believe that the thero died in a suspicious atmosphere.

The thero was given prompt attention by Shanthi Jayasekera who had invited the thero to Russia where he was conferred an honorary degree.

According to evidence, Professor Rohanadheera said that the thero was given prompt treatment in Russia.

Thero suffered from a silent heart- attack even before he left the country. However, he had a severe heart pain while travelling to Moscow.

In Moscow, as there was a connecting flight ready for Petersburg he had to promptly board in despite the sickness.

However, no sooner he complained about the sickness at the Petersburg airport, the thero was taken immediately to hospital by ambulance and treated promptly.

"The thera has had contacts with his mother and relatives while recovering in a sanatorium", Professor Rohanadheera added.

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