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Last updated: 19 March, 2006 - Published 18:19 GMT
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TNA calls for honest approach
TNA meeting with the LTTE (Library photo)
TNA urged the authorities to postpone local govt. elections
Tamil parliamentarians in Sri Lanka have once again urged the authorities to put off the local government elections in the troubled northern and the eastern districts.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the free and fair elections cannot be held in the districts mainly because of the “paramilitary activities”.

Speaking with BBC Sandeshaya after meeting with the LTTE leadership in Kilinochchi, TNA legislator Nadarajah Raviraj said the rebels can also take part, if the polls are held after the next round of talks.

Media "propaganda"

The parliamentarian however denied that the Tamil Tigers are not allowing the anti-LTTE candidates to campaign in areas under their control.

 LTTE leader Prabhakran has already been killed three times by the Sinhala newspapers

“Mr. Douglas Devananda is in Jaffna for nearly a week now distributing machines, bicycles, etc.” he added.

Commenting on the media reports that the LTTE has decided not to attend the second round of talks, the parliamentarian accused Sinhala media of stiring racial hatred in the country.

“LTTE leader Prabhakran has already been killed three times by the Sinhala newspapers. For the last time he was killed just after the tsunami,” Raviraj told

He stressed the need for an honest and open approach towards peace rather than both parties –the government and the Tamil Tigers -engaging in “hide and seek” game against each other.

The parties are scheduled to meet on 19 April for the second round of talks in Geneva.

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