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Last updated: 15 April, 2006 - Published 18:49 GMT
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LTTE rejects government transport
Government delegation at Genva  peace talks
Government delegation at peace talks
The head of the Sri Lanka coordinating office of the peace process Palitha Kohona, says the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) should take the responsibility for delaying the peace talks if they did not attend Geneva talks as scheduled.

The monitors had planned to move the field commanders in a ferry from Mullaitivu to Batticaloa under SLMM supervision, Kohona said.

This time, Sri Lanka Navy was on surveillance in the sea about 5 naughtical miles.

All these were carried out as agreed by both parties since Friday and he said, the presence of navy was not a problem according to SLMM Chief, General Erikson.

"However, for our curiosity, LTTE has stopped this journey",Kohana said.

Asked what impact this could have on talks, he said, the government was committed to proceed for talks on April 24th to 25th , and LTTE has to take responsibility for the current outcome.

Justifying the presence of navy in the area, Kohona said according to the CFA, the Sri Lankan Navy has full powers over the sea.

"It is our wish that LTTE will attend Geneva talks as agreed, the head of the Sri Lanka coordinating office of the peace process Palitha Kohona said.

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