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Last updated: 17 April, 2006 - Published 14:58 GMT
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Private choppers for LTTE
Minister Rohitha Bogollagama (photo Upali Gajanayake)
Sri Lanka has informed Norway of their latest decision
The government of Sri Lanka have decided to allow LTTE to use private aircraft to transport their cadres from the east.

Sri Lanka peace negotiator, Minister Rohitha Bogollagama told that the government has informed the Norwegian government that they have no objection if the Norway facilitates air transport to eastern LTTE leaders to visit Vanni.

The Tamil Tigers have decided to postpone the second round of Geneva talks until the government clear transport ‘hurdles’.

The meeting with the eastern commanders is important to discuss the issues related to second round of talks, the LTTE have said.

The government has advised the Norwegian facilitators on Monday that it is agreeable to engaging a private helicopter for the transport of LTTE leaders.

The parties were initially scheduled to meet in Geneva on 19 April but the meeting was postponed for 24 April.

The government now expects the talks would go ahead as scheduled.

Head of the government Peace Secretariat (SCOPP) Dr. Palitha Kohona told BBC Sandeshaya: "The govt is determined not to permit the LTTE use another excuse for avoiding coming to Geneva on the 24”.

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