06 July, 2006 - Published 15:02 GMT

Journos in protest

A number of journalist organizations joined in a protest in front of the Fort Railway station in Colombo on Thursday.
They voiced their frustration on ongoing police investigations to the killings of fellow journalists.

The Journalist said that police investigations are not effective.

The most recent incident was the assassination of freelance journalist Sampath Lakmal de Silva, who was shot by unidentified gunmen after abducting him from his parents' home in Borallasgamuwa,

According to the Free media Movement (FMM) De Silva had recently written reports that embarrassed elements of the security forces. He was the former defence correspondent for the Sinhala-language newspaper "Sathdina Weekly".

“No one has been produced in court so far and its only that a number of people have been questioned and released “said Sunanda Deshapriya spokesman of the FMM.

Deshapriya added that there is no reason to believe that the police are going to have a proper investigation this time as they have not done so in the past.

According to the International Federation of Journalists, six media workers have now been killed in Sri Lanka since January 2005. None of the crimes have been either investigated or solved.

The murdered journalists include Subramaniyam Sugirdharajan, Relangi Sevaraja, Dharmeratnam Sivaram, Suresh Kumar and Rohana kumara .