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Last updated: 13 November, 2006 - Published 17:59 GMT
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Kebitigollewa refugees 'abandoned'
Injured in the bus blast
64 people were killed and many more injured in the blast
Residents of Yakawewa, near Kebitigollewa in Anuradhapura district, say they fear further attacks by Tamil Tigers if they go back to the village.

Residents at Boralukanda refugee camp say they were asked to vacate the camp within weeks by the security forces.

The refugees were housed in the camp after the suicide bomb blast at a passenger bus that killed nearly 60 people.

Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) ruled that the attack was carried out by the Tamil Tigers.

BBC’s Elmo Fernando, who visited the camp, says men were very reluctant to express their feelings as they fear reprisals from the authorities.

A Kusumavathie, agrees.

Men were threatened by the local politicians not to speak out of their agony, she says.

“We don’t get our dry rations any longer. We have to beg them to get some food”.

Karunawathie says that refugees do not want to go back to Yakawewa village after the horrible experience.

Children are suffering from diarrhoea as no sanitary facilities and there was no proper rubbish collection.

The refugees called on the authorities to provide them with pieces of land close by so that they could collectively re-build their lives.

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