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Last updated: 18 April, 2007 - Published 17:46 GMT
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Norway dismisses allegations
Norway International Development Minister Erik Solheim with Sri Lankan President Rajapakse
Norway International Development Minister Erik Solheim meeting President Mahinda Rajapakse
Norwegian government dismisses claims by an organisation called Norwegians Against Terrorism that Norway was supporting terrorism.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacting to an article published
in the Sunday Times has sent an open letter to its chief editor.

The letter issued by the Head of Information of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Roy Freddy Andersen says:

"Reference is made to an article in The Sunday Times on Sunday 15 April 2007 concerning totally unfounded claims that Norway was supporting terrorism by a Norwegian who calls himself Norwegians Against Terrorism."

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Norway has never provided any military training or military equipment to the LTTE.

Such conduct would not only have been unethical, it would also have been in violation of Norwegian law, it said.

Members of the LTTE’s political committee have visited the Rena Camp in Norway when visiting some of the Nordic countries.

The purpose of the visit was to present Norway’s involvement and role in peace operations around the world, and did not involve any training, it said.

The ministry says it was unfortunate that these false allegations are being reproduced and disseminated in Sri Lanka, especially by a respected media outlet.

"This information is being disseminated on behalf of the so-called Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT). NAT is not a registered organisation in Norway. It has only one known member, and there is no indication of any other Norwegian membership base", Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

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