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Last updated: 03 June, 2007 - Published 14:29 GMT
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Media workers 'tortured' in custody
Sri Lanka police
Police deny torturing detainees who refused to admit guilt
Police in Sri Lanka have denied accusations that three abducted media personnel are being tortured in custody.

"Police do not torture detainees," head of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), S Prathapasinghe told BBC Sandeshaya.

Human rights activists have accused the police of torturing three abducted workers of Akuna trade union journal.

Sinhala 'LTTE supporters'

Lalith Senevirathne, Nihal Serasighe, Sisira Priyankara and other 22 suspects are kept in Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) in Colombo.

Committee to Investigate Disappearances (CID) has accused the TID of detaining the suspects "for political reasons".

 Due to the assault by TID officials Sanath Sri Kirthi's one ear is torn but no treatment is given so far
Chamal Jayanetti, Committee to Investigate Disappearances

In a letter sent to the police chief, Chamal Jayanetti, Director of the Committee, has accused the TID of torturing the detainees as they refused to sign a document that said they were guilty of working with the LTTE.

Three media workers and "Sanath Sri Kirthi, Sarath Fernando and Janaka Manmendra were ordered to sign a document admitting guilt. They refused and immediately, started a hunger campaign," the letter said.

Refused to admit guilt

Categorically denying any assault Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Prathapasinghe accused the human rights groups of trying to sling mud on police investigators.

But the Committee said those visited the detainees on Friday have reported the serious nature of the assault.

 Police do not torture detainees
CID chief, DIG S Prathapasinghe

"Due to the assault by TID officials Sanath Sri Kirthi's one ear is torn but no treatment is given so far," the letter to IGP Victor Perera stated.

The three media workers were abducted but later appeared before journalists where they confessed getting arms training with the Tamil Tigers.

Human rights groups questioned the authenticity of the confessions as it was made while they were detained.

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